Initiates OnTime Technologies in Mahavilachchiya
OnTime Technologies (Pvt.) Limited in Mahavilachchiya, a village located in the North Central Province, is Sri Lanka’s first recorded rural BPO. The company works as a service provider to InfoMate Private Limited (a subsidiary of John Keells Holdings PLC) and carries out transaction processing, as an extension of InfoMate’s role of captive finance and accounting service provider for the John Keells Group. This ground-breaking project in the local BPO industry was initiated by John Keells Social Responsibility Foundation together with the Foundation for Advancing Rural Opportunity (FARO) in March 2007. The immediate objective of the project was to create sustainable employment for talented rural youth, enabling them to work from the familiar environment of their own village and thereby stem the need for urban migration with its resulting economic and social repercussions. The long-term vision of the initiative is to create BPO capacity for Sri Lanka’s future outsourcing growth.