The benefits of an on-shore / off-shore strategy are immense and a practice adopted by the world’s leading companies. Over 70% of the Fortune 500 companies see global outsourcing as an important part of their strategy. The compelling business benefits include:

  • Access world class talent
  • Reduced time on transactional activities and increased time on analytical activities
  • A strategy for growth, without commensurate growth in back office staffing. A variable cost model that helps your business grow, whilst keeping support services lean
  • Wage arbitrage facilitates a lower cost per transaction
  • Multi country strategy reduces risk whilst segregation of duties enhances governance and controls
  • An effective strategy for Business continuity, absenteeism and attrition of key resources
  • Detailed process documentation (flow charts, detailed SOPs, exception handling)
  • Visibility of processes and continuous improvement
  • A catalyst for driving process reengineering, standardized processes and automation
  • Client-service provider relationship with measurable SLA’s
  • Measurement of every aspect of the process (Turnaround Times, accuracy scores, volumes, productivity, Average handling times, query percentages)
  • Access to the specialized knowledge and expertise of the outsourced service provider in ERP best practices, Six Sigma, lean and ISO 27001 certified information security processes.
  • Access to specialized tools such as document management systems and RPA

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