Our Story

Born out of the strategic intent of our visionary leadership, Infomate boasts of being the first captive shared services center in Sri Lanka. Incorporated in 2005, we continue to demonstrate our enterprising spirit by focusing on people and technology to deliver superior performance to our stakeholders.

Our team of experienced and young talent are encouraged to innovate to be ahead of the competition in delivering value propositions customized to the needs of our clientele.

In-depth domain expertise across major industries and hands-on experience with multiple systems help us in identifying opportunities to transform processes for our customers across the globe.

John Keells Holdings PLC, the parent company of Infomate, is Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerate listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange with its presence spanning over 70 companies across 7 diverse industry sectors. With a heritage of over 150 years, the John Keells Group is known to constantly re-invent, re-align and reposition itself in exploring new avenues of growth. For more information please visit

Our Values

We believe structure is absolutely key to providing high quality in a steady, stable manner, creating a planned environment that facilitates accountability, responsibility and productivity while minimizing risk.
We a dedicated to providing the best possible services to grow your business and to sustain that dedication on the long term.
We hold competence in the highest esteem. We believe that the combination of knowledge and skill is required to effectively carry out a strategy or a task effectively.
The risk of facing a cookie cutter solution is higher with larger organizations. The risk of overshooting capacity is higher with smaller organizations. We fall right in the middle where we’re small enough to provide individual attention and innovative solutions while maintaining the capacity to meet those requirements.
The problems of today are very different from the problems from 10 years ago. Innovation is key in differentiating between brands and maintaining a competitive advantage.
We understand that all relationships are based on trust. Bearing this in mind, we find that working with integrity and honour are values that will help both us, and our clients.