Our Facilities

InfoMate’s processing centre is a state of the art facility in the heart of Colombo. The Facility incorporates the recommendations of a Health and Safety Consultant including ergonomically designed workstations and flat screen “Thin Film Translator” monitors to ease eye strain. The pleasant working environment contributes significantly towards a motivated and highly productive staff. Particular attention has been devoted to ensuring the security of the site. The centre is built according to strict BPO standards and is fully compliant with fire safety standards and is equipped with backup power supply and access control.

The facility is equipped in line with the best BPO standards and includes ergonomic workstations, fire safety, access control, redundancy, backup power supply and a disaster recovery site. InfoMate has seven years’ experience in accounting services using the SAP platform and was featured in a case study by SAP. InfoMate also has experience in Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE and Visma platforms.

Redundancy is factored into each point on the wide area network and a guaranteed uptime of 99.5% is committed. In case of a site disaster, InfoMate has a DR location that can be made operational within 6 hours.

The InfoMate team is our biggest asset. We take great pride in our staff. The Performance-based culture encourages innovation, high energy and commitment to results. InfoMate has an attrition rate of 8% compared to industry averages of over 50% and is an equal opportunity employer. Opportunities for training and career development are provided on an on-going basis.