VEGA Partners

VEGA Partners AS, is a leading firm of certified public accountants in Norway. VEGA Partners provides the full range of accounting services and financial advisory services and has its headquarters in Oslo, with branch officers in 4 locations across Norway. The firm is a member of the Norwegian Association of Authorised Accountants (NARF) and provides high quality accounting solutions at a competitive price. The firm is owned by key employees, and is a fully independent and not a member of any alliances or franchises. The key words VEGA Partners uses in its operation and communication are Finance, Knowledge, and Trust.
InfoMate is proud of its association with VEGA Partners AS. InfoMate was selected by the Norway based firm as a strategic partner to support its growth by providing accounting resources from Sri Lanka, thereby giving VEGA Partners the advantage and flexibility of a multi country delivery model. This partnership is of vital strategic importance to both companies and provides VEGA Partners with high quality qualified accounting resources and the ability to scale up quickly on demand, whilst providing InfoMate with a highly respected European partner to facilitate its growth in Norway and in Europe.

The CEO of InfoMate had this to say on the partnership: “We really value our partnership with VEGA Partners. The CEO and senior team of VEGA Partners has traveled down from Norway on multiple occasions to train our team in the Norway specific accounting standards, software and reporting and our team has greatly benefited from the interactions. Our team has very quickly learnt and adapted to the language requirements, accounting specifics and is fully conversant with the requirements of the Norway data protection Act. It’s also been an absolute pleasure and privilege working with Mr. Hans Otto Evensen and his team who have been very encouraging and very appreciative on our work, information security standards and quality. We really look forward to the exciting months ahead and to continued growth in our partnership.

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