Payroll Services

We offer a hassle-free end-to-end payroll solution, designed to meet the requirements of any company, regardless of its size. Our nimble team of specialized experts remain conversant with the most up-to-date requirements and ensure compliance, guaranteeing your payroll data is handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

Finance and Accounting Services

We redefine your finance and accounting functions by integrating industry specific know-how and the appropriate technology for the ‘best fit’ – allowing you to grow with confidence. Detailed SOPs, Use of document management and workflow solutions, sophisticated quality control process and KPIs and continuous focus on automation, controls and governance are the key components of the InfoMate value proposition


From SMEs to the largest livestock company in Queensland, we provide back-office services which are unique to Australia. With experience of over 7 years in serving Australian clients, Infomate has a thorough understanding of Australian Accounting and Financial regulations, to serve you beyond your expectations.

Nordic Region

The first offshore project by Infomate was for a client in Norway. For over 8 years, Infomate has been providing accounting services to Scandinavia and has an exemplary knowledge of the accounting regulations and compliance in the region including the EU Data Protection Act. Having been challenged by the language barrier initially, Infomate has devised comprehensive processes to overcome this barrier to make the offshore operations smoother and better. We Currently we serve clients in Norway, and Sweden, and Finland with 24/7 operational capability. We aim to be the sought after offshore finance and accounting firm in the region

United Kingdom

Sri Lanka has access to the largest pool of UK qualified Accounting professionals outside the UK. Infomate works closely with ACCA, CIMA and the CA country offices to ensure that the best-in-class candidates are recruited. Given the similarity of the Governance structure and business Laws – Sri Lanka offers an ideal environment for back-office services for UK businesses, as an offshore destination for Accounting and Finance processes.

Global BPM Services

Infomate’s global BPM solution leverages our deep understanding of process transformation methodologies, domain expertise and world-class best practices beyond just core workflow capabilities, to deliver best-in-class services to our clients.