Checklist when considering an off-shore business process management solutions partner


Outsourcing industry continues to grow and is now the norm in world’s leading companies. The industry has been fueled by strong demand, even with the pandemic with remote working becoming more acceptable. India and the Philippines are two of the strongest and best-known destinations and now Sri Lanka is being spoken of as one of the best niche outsourcing destinations for talent with excellent track record and some great deals.

When choosing a business process management company, there are many considerations. Here is a checklist of some of the most important factors.

  1. Experience, does the provider have years behind them or a new kid on the block
  2. Financial strength and backing, backed by a large group, capacity to expand, weather tough times?
  3. Brands served and client comments
  4. Certifications on information security and rigour on information security practices
  5. Is it a one-person show or a strong leadership team? Also, profile of leadership group
  6. HR practices and employee testimonials
  7. Experience
  8. 24 x 7 capability
  9. Experience on a range of outsourcing services
  10. Access to talent and ability to scale
  11. Diversity and inclusion
  12. Social responsibility

There are many more points of importance in finding the ideal partner but the ten above could prove vital in making the right choice and enjoying the full benefits of a successful outsourcing partnership.

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