Accounts Payable Solutions

  • Vendor Master Maintenance – Creation of new vendors to facilitate a purchase.
  • Vendor Invoice Processing – Cost realization after invoice has been uploaded towards the unique workflow management system, BPOMate. This includes PO based  invoice processing and three way matching of invoices against POs and GRNs and non-PO based processing as well.This is facilitated by BPOMate and the full workflow including approvals and escalations can be managed effectively on the BPOMate platform.
  • Payment Processing – Our clients have two options of choosing between manual or automatic payment runs or a mixture of both. Existing partnerships with renowned banks enables a very smooth service.
  • Electronic Payment via upload to bank interfaces – Automatic payment runs can be configured according to the your preferences to make payments when necessary.
  • Vender Age Analysis – Customized analysis with a variety of layouts which will help you as our client to understand and identify their creditors existing time period.
  • Account Reconciliations – This service is carried out for your suppliers where supplier statements are reconciled to the company’s creditor’s ledger and differences analyzed.
  • Expense Analysis – Customized analysis of your expenses. We will also you to identify and reduce the expenses.
  • Supplier Helpdesk – We can assist your suppliers with information on the status of settlements and thereby relieve you from a myriad of supplier inquiries whilst providing valuable and timely information to your suppliers.