Management information and analytics

Our information and analytics dig deep into your processes and the outputs aide to ensure the smooth running of the process as well as improve on operational and strategic efficiencies resulting in higher value in our clients’ outputs. We thus offer the ideal choice when it comes to a comprehensive finance accounting outsourcing solution.

  • Ratios – Ratios benchmarking with the industry, year on year figures, and other criteria will be created and analysed as desired for the client.
  • Summarized Financial Statements for Senior Management – Summarized statements and reports can be created as requested for the client’s convenience in order to make their financial decisions.
  • Variance Analysis – All types of extensive analysis are done for our clients on specific cost centres, profit centres as well as functions.
  • Spend Analysis – This analysis will help to limit company’s spending and help the client meet objectives.
  • Customer Analysis and Vendor Analysis.