Client Relations

At the start of the engagement the transition team reviews client documentation including process maps, standard operating procedures, training manuals, performance data, and related material in creating an operations performance template. The deliverables from the analysis will include a detailed Statement of Work, (which lists the client and service provider responsibilities), Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the project implementation plan.

Once the Service Level Agreement is in place and operations commence, regular communication will occur at multiple levels between our operations leadership and the client. InfoMate will appoint a “Process Consultant” who will function as the Single Point of Contact for the client. In addition, InfoMate will conduct business reviews on a pre-agreed schedule in order to address both the tactical execution of our service requirements as well as the proactive, strategic thinking expected from the service provider.

During the initial months of the engagement weekly reviews are conducted to review progress and address areas of concern. Once “business as usual” phase is achieved, Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) are conducted covering

  • Reviews of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Service Levels
  • Other pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators
  • Results of projects or programs previously implemented

In QBRs, the InfoMate team along with the client will focus on process improvements and strategies to reduce cost and increase efficiency, together with methods to increase client and end-customer satisfaction.