Industry Verticals

The InfoMate team consists of industry practitioners with hands-on experience in every aspect of Finance and Accounting. The team has vast experience in providing solutions to clients for increasing overall process effectiveness. In addition to expertise in the generic F&A processes, members of team InfoMate possess domain knowledge in specific industries which enhances InfoMate’s ability to integrate closely with the client’s operation and function as an extended arm of the client.


Clients in the Transportation vertical include companies in businesses ranging from shipping, warehouse management, freight forwarding, airline general sales agents, travel agents and suppliers of marine bunker fuel.

Our staff has an in-depth understanding of the specific requirements of these industries including ultra-quick turn-around-times; industry-specific reconciliations; and maintaining of principal’s ledgers.

Several of InfoMate’s staff have worked as accountants in these businesses and understand the challenges faced by operations, the competitive nature of the industry and the need for Finance to play a key supporting role.


InfoMate’s clients in the manufacturing vertical include Sri Lanka’s market leader in carbonated soft drinks and ice cream and the market leader in processed meats.

InfoMate provides a comprehensive set of customized business solutions, analytics and technology solutions to companies in the manufacturing industry. Domain knowledge in manufacturing includes complex cost accounting; industry-specific management information; knowledge of imports and related duties, tariffs and taxation.


InfoMate’s largest client is from the retail sector. InfoMate understands the seasonal fluctuations, the sheer volume of transactions, the need for 100% accuracy and timeliness of payments. InfoMate has also tailored its solution to cater to small-time suppliers, who are all too common in South Asia and the subcontinent, where invoices come in all forms and sizes with different degrees of legibility. InfoMate’s scanning and imaging systems are geared to handle these exceptions.


Some of InfoMate’s senior staff count in excess of 20 years domain experience in the hotel industry. InfoMate serves hotels in Sri Lanka and the Maldives and can showcase its existing operation to prospective clients in this industry. Some of the specific capabilities InfoMate has in serving this industry include accounting for fixed assets; working with multiple currencies; MIS on stocks and ageing; and the specific controls required in this industry.

Destination Management

InfoMate handles the entire Accounts Payable process for large inbound tour operators. This is a challenging operation with many exceptions including pricing variations, cancellations, changes in the number of pax and number of days. InfoMate has mastered this operation and its many variations.

Property Development and Management

Accounting for Large-scale projects; tracking project costs against budget; revaluation of properties are some of the specific areas of expertise relating to this industry.