Information Security

The ISO 27001 standard which was awarded to InfoMate in January 2009, is a global standard released in 2005 and deals with confidentiality and information security. As such, it is extremely relevant to outsourcing companies which hold sensitive information of clients.

The project, which commenced in March 2008, encompassed the entire spectrum of the organization and required every member of the company to be trained in information security. As part of the process InfoMate was required to:

  • Institute a Security Forum which meets periodically to review all aspects of information security
  • Prepare a comprehensive list of information assets, categorising each asset according to its level of confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Identify the threats and vulnerabilities, and prioritise risks
  • Devise a comprehensive Risk Treatment Plan and implementing controls
  • Document an Information Security Policy, Security Manual together with policies and processes which conform to ISO’s stringent requirements.
  • Ensure implementation of the documented processes with zero non-conformities
  • Institute an internal audit team which would monitor compliance through periodic audits
  • Introduce an internal helpdesk and security incident reporting

The certification will provide both existing and potential InfoMate clients with an international seal of process excellence and provide a guarantee of world class standards in information security, confidentiality and business continuity.

If I outsource to InfoMate will the confidentiality of my information be assured?

InfoMate has successfully implemented, and is certified in ISO 27001, “Information Security Management”. The services of the consulting firm CyberQ of India was secured for the preparation of InfoMate in the Stringent ISO standards.

InfoMate adheres to the stringent recruitment standards of the John Keells Group. A posting in a John Keells Company is a much coveted position and this ensures an abundant supply of the best talent. Recruits must have solid references and are interviewed by a panel consisting of Supervisor, HR Manager and Head of Operations.

The majority of the InfoMate team was recruited from within the John Keells Group. Several of our Senior Process Associates and Supervisors have tenures in excess of 10 years in the John Keells Group and hence they are extremely trustworthy, loyal and committed resources and we have a high degree of confidence in every one of them.

The InfoMate team has experience in handling work of an extremely sensitive nature for our existing clientele including Dividends and Payroll and hence is well experienced in maintaining confidentiality and handling work with a high degree of care.

We constantly stress the importance of confidentiality, values and integrity in staff interactions. Our induction program has an entire segment on values. Hence the importance of values and ethics has been firmly ingrained in our culture and in every employee.

InfoMate employs strict BPO security standards when handling sensitive work. This would include the following measures:

  • Access Control
  • Segregated Areas for work of a particularly sensitive nature
  • Limited access to Email and Internet