Quality Practices at InfoMate

Our commitment to quality is reflected in an internal operating philosophy that strives to “Consistently Exceed Customer Performance Delivery Expectations”. Quality checks are carried out at three tiers:

  • Quality checks by a dedicated quality control team
  • Peer to peer checks
  • High level reasonability checks by the Process Consultant

Quality dashboards are presented on a monthly basis to management and staff. Quality indicators tracked on a weekly basis include quality audit score and fatal error accuracy score. Metrics tracked on a daily basis include performance against Service Levels and agent productivity. The regular feedback and systematic monitoring facilitates continuous improvement.

InfoMate has also adopted the Six Sigma methodology. The members of the quality assurance team are certified six sigma green belts. The Six Sigma philosophy of “what can’t be measured, can’t be managed” is true in InfoMate. Every aspect of performance is measured including agent productivity, turnaround times; quality, performance against Service Levels, Average Handled Time per transaction; document arrival patterns. Indicators such as productivity are measured on an hourly basis. Six Sigma is also deployed as a problem solving tool.

InfoMate regularly benchmarks itself against international standards using the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) self-assessment and Customer Operations Performance Centre (COPC) baseline assessment.