Whether it be a transaction intensive, or judgment based accounting processing, we are able to provide a customized, clear solution for you through our wide range of finance and accounting services. Our expertise of over 08 years in the industry not only provides our clients with a cost arbitrage, but also helps in process optimization to increase profitability of the accounting process, optimize day-to-day functions and ultimately add value to your accounting structure to provide value to your stakeholders.

Talent Pool

We are powered by our team of professionals, who combine experience with formal learning on new age process management techniques and technological developments. Our in-house training team is a driving force, progressing the team towards delivering excellent performance. Our team includes ACCA approved professional accountants and experienced specialists who are enthusiastic contributors towards delivering superior value to our customers.
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Applied Intelligence

More than a decade of managing business processes has equipped us with a wealth of process expertise. These include benchmarks of world class companies in a variety of accounting process KPIs and optimum productivity standards of different ERP systems. We use analytics to unleash the power of data, generating real-time insights that support business outcomes, unlocking new growth, profitability and performance.
process transformation

Process Transformation

We are an organization that effectively blends focus on processes with the individuality of our team. The experience and competency of team Infomate will be the X factor that will make the difference. We bring our experience and knowledge of global best practices and propose “to be” processes with a focus on eliminating non-value adding tasks, strengthening controls and providing early visibility.
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Global Presence

Drawing on the knowledge and global experience in multiple industry sectors, we are able to better understand the nuances of each industry and provide the necessary expertise.