An objective that every shared services centre (SSC) provider will identify with is the continuous delivery of efficiencies through process automation and new technology adoption. The pursuit of such efficiencies is often the result of cost pressures and client demands for better pricing, however it positions SSCs as the organisations with the business need, the tech knowhow and the skillset to drive adoption of new tech in the finance function.

In a Sri Lankan context, there has been rapid growth in the adoption of SSCs by the country’s largest conglomerates, business groups and multinationals. Such is the expansion of SSCs and business process management (BPM) companies that Sri Lanka has become known as a centre of excellence for accounting. As The New York Times declared a decade ago: ‘Southern China has its assembly plants. India has customer support centers, research laboratories and low-cost lawyers. And Sri Lanka’s contribution to global outsourcing? Accountants – thousands of them, standing ready to crunch the world’s numbers.’ Continue reading the by clicking here

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